Greetings! Welcome to the ASME India AM 3D Aero 2023 Technical Conference.

The first ASME India AM3D Aero Conference was held in Bangalore in Dec 2022 and was successful in bringing together professionals from OEMs, industry, academia, research labs, and student community over a two day event that covered various aspects of the emerging field of additive manufacturing with an emphasis on aerospace. Building on the success of 2022, we are pleased to invite you to the second edition of this conference and Expo. This shall again be held in Bangalore during Dec 13-14, 2023. The goals of the conference remain the same: providing a common platform to bring together various stakeholders, knowledge sharing, providing new connections and networking opportunities, highlighting current and emerging trends in science, technology, design, practice, and application development. It would also provide greater awareness about needs and current efforts on standards and regulatory requirements, and deliberate about opportunities and challenges associated with supply chain development and wider absorption of the emerging technologies.

It doesn’t need to be stated, but additive Manufacturing is vital to advanced manufacturing and is a transformative technology enabling mass customization of products through self-learning environments. It offers considerable design flexibility and leads to substantial saving of time and cost in the industrial parlance particularly in aerospace and defense sectors. In contrast to other industries, aerospace and strategic sector like defense have very stringent and unique set of requirements relating to materials, manufacturing, reliability, inspection, regulatory, traceability, and business considerations relating to production systems, supply-chain, etc,.

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Conference Highlights

  • Industry Exhibition
  • Technical Presentations
  • Industrial Tour
  • Conference Dinner