12 December, 2023, MSRIT | 09:00 am - 04:00 pm

Workshop-1: Materials for AM

Dr. Priyanshu Bajaj (M4P), Harshal Mathur (Pecan Research)
  • AM: Overview, Market trend, Qualification (ISRO, NCAM)
  • Feedstock for additive manufacturing
  • Challenges with materials processed by additive manufacturing
  • Alloy design
  • Reusability and recycling of materials for additive manufacturing

Workshop-2: Metrology and NDT of AM parts

Mr. Manoj Sundaram (Carl Zeiss)
  • AM: Overview, Market trend, Qualification (ISRO, NCAM)
  • 3D AM Powder and Metallography analysis – Demo + Theory
  • Metrology Work flow for Metal 3D printing from Powder to Part.
  • NDT of Additive parts using X ray /CT technology – Theory session
  • Surface roughness of 3D Printed /post processed surfaces- Demo + Theory

Workshop-3: Additively Manufactured Titanium Metallurgy and Sustainable Machining

Dr. Navneet Khanna and Dr. Dilpreet Singh (IITRAM & CMERI)
  • AM: Overview, Market trend, Qualification (ISRO, NCAM)
  • Metallurgy of additively manufactured titanium
  • Post processing processes associated with additively manufactured titanium
  • Sustainable machining technologies for additively manufactured titanium
  • Life-cycle assessment of machining additively manufactured titanium

Workshop-4: Design, modeling, and simulation for AM

Mr. Shripathi (Hexagon), Mr. Santhosh Nagaraju (Hexagon)
  • AM: Overview, Market trend, Qualification (ISRO, NCAM)
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)
  • Digital twin and Simulation software for AM process
  • Application of AI and ML for parameter/process optimization
  • Reverse/Re-engineering of parts for Additive manufacturing process