December 7, 2022 | 09:45 – 17:00

Workshop-1: Manufacturing, Materials, Modeling for Metal Additive Manufacturing

  • Basics of processing for Metal Additive Manufacturing (MAM)
  • Importance of structure property correlations in materials
  • Importance of modeling MAM
  • Post processing & non-destructive evaluation in developing standards for certification
Speaker: Dr. G Telasang (ARCI) | Dr. S Narayanaswamy (AStar) | Prof. S Bontha (NIT, K) | Dr. K Rafi (ASTM)
Moderator: Dr Dheepa Srinivasan

The workshop will outline opportunities for strategic research and development (R&D) to address gaps in additive manufacturing (AM) Qualification and Certification (Q&C). reference materials and presentations will be included to aid the participants with examples of ongoing relevant efforts.

Workshop-2: 3D Printing for Hobbyists

  • Spin-off advantage of 3D Printing
  • Simplification of fabrication
  • Digital fabrication techniques
  • Evolution of open-source, free to use hardware architectures and software tools
Moderator: Prof S Suryakumar (IIT Hyderabad)

This pre-conference workshop aims to familiarize participants with the latest tools and software available for making the idea to prototype journey. Emphasis will be laid on open-source tools for easy adoption.

Workshop-3: Additive Thinking Workshop by Wipro 3D

  • Operational knowledge on AM processes
  • Workflow, data preparation, materials
  • Additive engineering & QMS practices for Metal AM
Speaker: Mr. Karthik J (Wipro3D) | Mr. Suhaib Abdurahman (Wipro3D)
Moderator: Mr Yathiraj Kasal

Workshop will provide details of Case studies derived from the AM pursuits of Wipro 3D in serving the AM needs of auto, aero, energy, space, manufacturing, tooling, oil & gas sectors for major Indian and global companies.

Workshop-4: Hands-on model building - Wright-Flyer static model

  • Demystify Wright Flyer design and development
  • Construction of a scale down Wright Flyer model
  • Each participant/team (3 members) gets to build the model hands-on
  • Model kit (wingspan 300 mm) will be provided
Moderator: Ms. Ashwini JS (Airytails)